Chemist performs an experiment with liquid nitrogen in laboratory mortar with pestle

Transforming a pharmaceutical compounding unit using competency-based assessment and Universal Design for Learning (UDL)


Pharmaceutical compounding is recognised as a core pharmacy skill, both in Australia (1) and internationally (2). As part of their accreditation requirements, Australian University…

Person in occupational therapy with therapist training his dexterity at the rope board

Rethinking unit design to support students in entering Occupational Therapy 


This case study outlines an ongoing collaboration between Dr Joanne Hinitt, unit coordinator of OCCP1104 Analysing and Teaching Occupations, and educational designer Kria Coleman,…

A style guide to provide clarity and improve students’ experience


Comments shared by students in the semester 1 USS, and presented as a qualitative topic–model analysis at this year’s Symposium by Jess Frawley and Sam Clarke, highlighted something that we know well: students value clear communication and clear expectations.  By way of the…