Artificial intelligence and education at Sydney

New and existing artificial intelligence tools present urgent and compelling challenges and benefits for higher education at Sydney. Our approach to generative AI at Sydney is one of productive and responsible engagement. In the articles below, we explore the implications of tools such as ChatGPT on learning, teaching, and assessment at Sydney and how they can be leveraged to make these activities more effective, efficient, and improve student learning.

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Frequently asked questions about generative AI at Sydney

Your questions answered about what ChatGPT and other generative AI means for Sydney and what we can do about it.

How Sydney academics are using generative AI this semester in assessments

Examples from across the University of assessments that can help students engage productively and ethically with AI and improve their learning.

Student-staff forums on generative AI at Sydney

Catch up on recordings from our student panels where we explore what students think about what generative AI means for their study and their future, and how the University can help them grow their ethical and productive use of AI.

Students answer your questions about generative AI – part 1: Assessments and their future

How might AI help students with assessments and provide feedback? How would students actually use AI, and what do they think this means for their future employment prospects? Students answer our frequently asked questions and more.

GPT-4 is here. What is it, and what does this mean for higher education?

We explain how GPT-4’s much-improved powers of reasoning and creativity impact on assessment and teaching, and what we need to do about it.

Students answer your questions about generative AI – part 2: Ethics, integrity, and the value of university

How do students feel about using generative AI in their study, and its impacts on academic integrity? Are they worried about how they can develop critical skills in a world where AI will be prevalent?

How Sydney academics are using generative AI this semester in class

Examples from across the University about how ChatGPT can be introduced to students and help with class discussion, research, and personalising teaching.

How can I update assessments to deal with ChatGPT and other generative AI?

Tips on tweaking assessments and teaching to meet the challenges and opportunities of generative AI, including open conversations, in-class writing, personalising assessments, and effects on exams.

How AI can be used meaningfully by teachers and students in 2023

Examples of how teachers and students can use generative AI to make teaching easier and learning better.

As uni goes back, here’s how teachers and students can use ChatGPT to save time and improve learning

An article for The Conversation that outlines effective ways that ChatGPT can encourage learning.

ChatGPT and AI: embracing the future of education

An article from Student News about the University’s approach to generative AI.

Large language models, explained

Short 3 minute video from an academic in the School of Computer Sciences demystifying the technology behind ChatGPT and other large language models.

What teachers and students should know about AI in 2023

Short article highlighting the limitations and caveats with generative AI like ChatGPT.