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Pathogen cards from the board game featuring images of different bacteria

“What’s your diagnosis?”: Engaging medical students with board games for learning


Microbiology of infectious diseases is widely known as one of the most challenging areas for first-year medical students due to the large volume of…

Using Object-Based Learning to Introduce Cultural Competency and the Social Determinants of Health to First Year Pharmacy Students


Many pharmacy students will find themselves working in diverse clinical contexts where cultural competence and effective inter-cultural communication is essential for optimising patient care…

Game Changer: 5 ways to make peer feedback constructive and promote positive teamwork experiences


Collaborative learning and teamwork skills continue to be the competency and graduate qualities that employers look for in graduates. As educators, we incorporate group…

Getting Every Student to Open the Book and do Assigned Readings: An Integrated Workshop Design in First-Year Pharmacy


In 2023, the Sydney Pharmacy School implemented a new vertically integrated curriculum. Incoming first-year students enrolled in the Pharmaceutics and Pharmacy Practice (PHAR1921) unit…

Firefly biology learning spaces; tree growing in rotund beaker concept with lab glassware background copy

Bridging first year barriers: fostering belonging in the biology learning space


First year teaching often requires a delicate and deft hand – teachers balance the delivery of important foundational content with facilitating student transition to…