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Strategic Education Grants

Our Strategic Education Grants (SEG) are a University-wide competitive scheme which fund educational innovation and educational quality improvement projects. These grants support teaching staff to improve student engagement and outcomes, as part of the University’s 2032 Strategy and the Teaching and Learning Strategy 2023–25. They provide educators with the time and resources to improve students’ learning experiences and develop new assessment approaches.

Please see the intranet for guidance on the grants.

Modular Professional Learning Framework

… best training ever for me at USyd – and I have experienced a lot in the last 10 years!! … given me lots of inspiration (and confidence) for all my future teaching.

Our Modular Professional Learning Framework (MPLF) is the flagship professional development program for educators at Sydney and has also been adapted for other tertiary institutions. Created in 2019, the MPLF offers you a ‘choose your own adventure’ learning experience through bite-sized two-hour modules on effective teaching practices. The program focuses on being flexible, accessible, and responsive to changing needs, and models evidence-based practice through face-to-face, online and hybrid delivery.

By completing any of the five pathways of the Modular Professional Learning Framework, you’ll be invited to submit your final reflective statement to be assessed for Associate Fellowship of Advance HE via our Sydney Educational Fellowship Program (SEFP).

Enrol in the MPLF Canvas site for details of each module, and to register.

Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education)

Our Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education) is an accredited award bearing program (AQF 8), offered at no charge to domestic staff and affiliates engaged in teaching at Sydney. The course is designed to introduce you to current principles, practices, debates and research in higher education, and support you to develop scholarly, research-led approaches to teaching, and a critically reflective approach to your practice. By completing the Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education), you’ll be invited to submit your final reflective statement to be assessed for Fellowship of Advance HE via our Sydney Educational Fellowship Program (SEFP).

Read about how the course can help your teaching and career, and apply online.

Sydney Professional Certificate (Foundations in Higher Education)

Our Sydney Professional Certificate (SPC) in Foundations in Higher Education is offered at no charge to domestic staff and affiliates engaged in teaching at Sydney. The course involves two of the four units from the Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education), undertaken over the course of a year. You can complete the Sydney Professional Certificate as a standalone course or use it as a pathway to the Graduate Certificate.

Apply online.

Sydney Educational Fellowship Program

Our Sydney Educational Fellowship Program (SEFP) is a professional recognition scheme accredited through Advance HE. It provides support for academic and professional staff applying for Fellowships of Advance HE. The scheme supports four levels of Fellowship:

  • Associate Fellow (AFHEA)
  • Fellow (FHEA)
  • Senior Fellow (SFHEA)
  • Principal Fellow (PFHEA)

Each category of fellowship requires evidence of teaching and learning at a different standard. Use Advance HE’s Fellowship Category Tool to help you decide which category of fellowship is right for you.

Applications for Associate Fellowship (AFHEA) to Senior Fellowship (SFHEA) are assessed internally through our SEFP, at no cost to staff. To get started, enrol in the SEFP Canvas site, tour the resources there, and register for upcoming workshops.

Other pathways to Fellowship application are to complete a pathway in our Modular Professional Learning Framework, or to complete our Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education).

Educators Communities of Practice

The Educators Communities of Practice is a collaborative initiative between Educational Innovation and the Provost’s office. The CoP seeks to support educators who are in education-focused roles, through the development of a community. The CoP runs sessions, workshops and social events throughout the year focused on one of three themes: Theme 1 – Work and Classroom Practice, Theme 2 – Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and Theme 3 – Building your Career.

Colleagues are welcome to join the Community and can sign up to the mailing list.

Peer review of teaching

The Peer Review for Teaching (PRT) program is a University-wide initiative facilitated by the DVC (Education) Portfolio that provides a supportive process for educators wanting to engage in constructive feedback conversations using an evidence-based, university-endorsed proforma and expert accredited reviewers.


  • Safe, confidential, and directed by you. We facilitate cross-faculty review that is external to immediate colleagues and managers and provides external perspective
  • Accessible to all teachers, whether full-time, part-time, permanent, or casual
  • Supportive of all types of teaching practice such as delivery, unit design, learning materials, Canvas sites, and assessment
  • Allows you to evidence your teaching practice for fellowships, awards, promotions, and AP&Ds
  • Allows you to develop effective teaching practices through collegial peer review and conversation.

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