53 Powerful Ideas All Teachers Should Know About


In Idea 40 – that ‘self assessment is central to intrinsic motivation‘ – from Graham Gibb’s blog, he argues for the importance of involving students in the marking process through peer and self assessment. Relying on student’s extrinsic motivation can lead to them focusing on the mark rather than feedback. Requiring students to accompany assignments with a self assessment based on the same marking criteria to be used by the teacher can help students develop self-reliance, independence and even creativity.

Graham Gibbs is one of the UK’s most well known advocates of improving university learning and teaching. With his colleagues (Habeshaw & Habeshaw), he was responsible for the very popular ’53 Interesting Ideas’ books series that have supported countless teachers (new and experienced) navigate their way through tricky classroom and curriculum dilemmas. Gibbs’s new blog 53 Powerful Ideas all Teachers Should Know About offers a research summary of key issues.

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