Supporting students to use AI responsibly and productively

We’ve released a new resource, co-created with students, to help students upskill in their understanding and application of generative AI. Our goal is to democratise knowledge and skill around generative AI so that all students everywhere can be equipped with the ability to use this new technology productively and responsibly. The DVC (Education) Portfolio worked together with the University Library and nine keen students to produce this resource.

The site is available to the public and walks students through three key areas of generative AI in education: what it is and its limitations and considerations; how do use it responsibly and ethically; and many examples of prompts and use cases for learning, creation, and progression.

Visit the resource at the following URL, and feel free to share this with students and colleagues:


Screenshot of homepage of AI resource, showing three key sections: what is generative AI, guidelines for using generative AI, and using generative AI
The landing page of the new student resource

What is generative AI?

Our students have designed this section to explain a bit about how generative AI works, the different options that are available, some basic approaches to prompting these systems well, and an important section on the considerations when using these tools and their limitations. They found these to be important fundamentals in raising AI literacy amongst peers.

Guidelines for using generative AI

This was a section that was predicted to receive the most interest, providing some guidance for responsible and ethical use of these tools. This section has been designed for a general (global) as well as specific (University of Sydney) audience, and helps students think through the main principles to keep in mind when using generative AI in their study.

Using generative AI

This is where our students have shared many examples of how they have used generative AI to enable them to learn, create, and progress. In each of the pages here, students have shared their favourite prompts and why they are useful, explained how and why they work, and provided examples and follow-ups so others can also deep-dive into using generative AIs effectively.

Next steps

We’re seeing this as a living resource, so if you have any feedback or ideas for material you’d like to see in the site, please get in touch via [email protected]

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