LIBR1000: The Essential Information & Digital Literacy Module for First Year Students  

2020 University of Sydney

LIBR1000 is an essential skills course developed specifically for first year students. It is designed to:


✔ Develop targeted information literacy skills  

✔ Enhance the quality of the work students submit 

✔ Reduce the need for remedial support from academic staff 

While the course develops skills in finding, using and evaluating information using Arts and Social Science examples, the foundation concepts explored are useful for students in any discipline. 

Almost 70% of students that responded to the course survey in 2019 said that LIBR1000 would be useful for their future studies. Here are some of the things they said: 

One of the best things about this course is I actually applied what I have learned here to my actual study and assessments.

The topics were very useful in helping me learn proper citations and how to use Library Search.

It allowed me to evaluate my knowledge of referencing and citation as well as what sources to use and when.

It provided a good introduction on how to use information literacy most effectively in our studies, and how the library resources facilitate this.

The course has been developed specifically for Arts and Social Sciences students, however it will benefit all First Year Students especially those with information & digital literacy course requirements. 

If you would like your Unit of Study enrolled in this course please contact Rosemary O’Donnell: [email protected]

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