Participate in the evaluation of our new learning management system – LMS Update for week beginning 21st November 2016

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Your opportunity to participate in the evaluation process for the new learning management system (LMS) and learn about the history and biology of our jacaranda tree.

The LMS is a key part of our teaching, teaching administration and student learning. Each day, thousands of students and staff are active on the LMS. The choice of the LMS represents not only a large financial commitment for the University but also a significant investment in staff time and energy. The LMS should be a powerful aid to teaching and learning.

As reported in last week’s Staff News update, staff from across the University have been involved in detailed tests of potential LMS platforms over the last few weeks. This has involved designing and building teaching scenarios. From 21 November, this testing is being extended to students who will work through tasks on each platform and score them on how intuitive and easy to use they are.

Petiole section from the iconic Jacaranda that stood in the University of Sydney's Main Quad 1928 – 2016. Image: Dr Rosanne Quinnell.
Petiole section from the iconic Jacaranda that stood in the University of Sydney’s Main Quad 1928 – 2016. Image: Dr Rosanne Quinnell.

All staff are also now invited to take part in the same tests. These are available to staff from 21 to 30 November. The scores from staff and students will form part of the evaluation, ensuring that the choice of the next LMS is made by the University as a whole. We hope that you will find getting involved is both interesting and easy.

We have set up mock unit of study sites in each platform. These cover the history and biology of our jacaranda tree. You will be scoring the platforms on their ease of use and how intuitive you find them across the range of devices and browsers that are in use. The evaluation process involves three steps:

  • Agreeing to the confidentiality obligations that form part of the procurement process
  • Running through the learning tasks on each of the three platforms under consideration
  • Completing a short evaluation survey on each platform

In order for your assessment to form part of the evaluation process, you need to complete each of these steps before the end of November. We estimate that this process will take between one and two hours, but this will depend on how intuitive you find the platforms. The evaluation is open to all staff at the University:

Begin the evaluation process

This post originally appeared on the University of Sydney intranet and Staff News.


LMS Transformation Timeline:

Event Time Status
RFT released to market 02/09/2016 Complete
RFT closed 12pm, 30/09/2016 Complete
Initial examination and conformance check 30/09/2016 – 04/10/2016 Complete
Phase 1: detailed evaluation 01/10/2016 – 11/10/2016 Complete
Phase 1: preparation of evaluation report 12/10/2016 Complete
Respondents shortlisted for Phase 2 13/10/2016 Complete
Notification to short listed respondents to set up environment for demonstration and scenario testing 14/10/2016
Phase 2a – demonstration Week of 17/10/2016 Complete
Phase 2b – scenario based testing 24/10/2016 – 30/11/2016 Underway
Final recommendation based on Phase 1 and 2 scores 1st week of December 2016


If you have any questions about the LMS transformation project, please contact your Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) or email Professor Adam Bridgeman.

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