Open Door is back, now welcoming anyone to open their classroom doors

This semester, Open Door is back and more open. With 87 Open Doors and counting, we’re inviting any teacher from across the University to open their classroom doors for observation during week 6 and/or week 8.

Visit an Open Door in week 6       Visit an Open Door in week 8

Now in its 6th semester, Open Door gives all staff the ability to sit in on colleagues’ classrooms, break down disciplinary silos, and help make teaching a widely celebrated and collegial activity.

I enjoyed the opportunity to observe colleagues from other disciplines teaching – it’s helpful to see a range of different approaches to teaching and to hear different perspectives.

Observers at previous Open Doors have picked up useful approaches for their own teaching. The benefit of informal peer observation of teaching, however, goes beyond just seeing different techniques in action. By observing students from the back of the room, you have an opportunity to challenge your own conceptions of what happens in a classroom from a student’s perspective, and consider how various forms of teaching are received by and impact students. By connecting with colleagues through Open Door, you can also share critical perspectives of teaching effectiveness.

Upon reflection, Open Door participants in the past have found a number of useful takeaways:

  • NOT to offer traditional lectures based on a linear progression of Powerpoint slides
  • Designing an authentic, professional practice inspired, in-class poll. At the end, once students realised how important the quiz questions were, there were lots of ‘Aha!’ moments.
  • I think I’ll consider different ways of integrating evidence in my field into teaching
  • And many more

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Visit an Open Door in week 6       Visit an Open Door in week 8


Open your own classroom

If you’d like, you can also open your own classroom door in week 6 and week 8.

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