Business Studio Teaching & Learning – A Sydney-Copenhagen Collaboration

The University of Sydney Business School and Copenhagen Business School (CBS) have initiated a strategic partnership around teaching development. The first tangible outcome of this initiative is a teaching development course in Canvas about Business Studio pedagogy. The Canvas course will be available in fully-online and blended formats to provide an introduction to Business Studio Teaching & Learning, and support teachers in reflecting on their own instructional designs and possibly developing their own business studio courses or modules.

What is the course about?

The Business Studio is an exciting approach to teaching and learning in Business; but what does a Business Studio look like? In this introductory course participants learn about the various forms a Business Studio can take, and how it compares with studios in other disciplines such as Art and Design. As they progress through the course they discover what is ‘made’ in a Business Studio, the value of Business Studios for business and management education, and the vital role of creativity in the studio environment.

To support learning, participants explore three key dimensions of a Business Studio and how they interact. These dimensions include the physical studio environment, tasks, and social interaction. This view of the learning environment allows users to start thinking about how they might approach the design and facilitation of their own studio courses.

Along the way learners find out how colleagues at the Copenhagen Business School, The University of Sydney Business School, and other institutions have implemented studio pedagogy. This gives them some concrete examples of the kinds of projects students might engage in when learning in the studio environment.

At the end of the course, learners walk away with a conceptual framework and practical insights to help them develop a business studio course or module.

What is a Business Studio?

The following video, one of many produced for the course, provides an introduction to business studio structures and habits of mind.


How does a Business Studio differ from other forms of teaching?

In the following video, colleagues from both The University of Sydney Business School and Copenhagen Business School describe how the Business Studio differs from other teaching formats.


Using a 360 degree video to support the exploration of the studio space

As part of the course we experimented with several different video formats to support learning. One example is a 360 degree video to help learners explore the physical studio environment and how it can be configured to support shared sensemaking. The video allows you to look around the room by clicking and dragging your mouse. [Note: if you are using an iOS system on a mobile device you will need to download the YouTube App, click on the share symbol in the video below – the arrow in the top right corner – then click on the three dots].


What’s next for the collaboration?

In 2019, The University of Sydney Business School will continue to partner with the Copenhagen Business School to develop two more online professional development courses for teachers. The first will be on Designing for Blended Learning, and the second on Active Learning in Large Classes.

Find out more

If you would like to preview the course or find out more about Studio Teaching in Business please get in touch with Stephanie Wilson.

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