Graduate Employability 2.0 workshop: The connectedness learning toolkit – Wednesday 19 October

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Graduate Employability 2.0 is the title of Ruth Bridgstock’s 2015-2016 Australian National Senior Teaching Fellowship. The fellowship takes a networked approach to graduate employability in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences. The networked approach emphasises the cultivation and promotion of professional partnerships and connections between and among learners, teachers, university programs, industry, and community. The culmination of the first phase of the Fellowship is the Connectedness Learning Model, which provides the basis for the connectedness learning toolkit for educators.

What’s the workshop about?

In this workshop, we will explore the use of the connectedness learning toolkit for your own programs and contexts. Using the toolkit resources, we will engage in a reflective self-assessment of your program or institutional area, to identify areas of existing strength and future opportunity for connectedness capability development. This self-assessment forms the basis for a strategic action planning process to foster the connectedness capabilities of your students, enhance pedagogic approaches and cultivate enabling strategies that will develop and strengthen connections between your program and its key partners. The workshop includes some time for sharing ideas across different programs, and finding ways to work together to achieve shared goals.

Who should attend?

Academics, employability leaders and members of university leadership who need to foster effective professional partnerships and connections between and among students, staff, programs, institutions and industry. Ruth’s Fellowship is focused on humanities, arts and social sciences disciplines, but is of relevance to all disciplines.

About Ruth Bridgstock

Associate Professor Ruth Bridgstock is an Australian Office for Learning and Teaching Fellow. She is passionate about building ‘future capable’ learners, teachers and educational institutions. Her activities are all centred on the question of how universities can foster capabilities for productive participation in the 21st century knowledge economy and society. Based in the Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology, Ruth engages in research and scholarship into the changing world of work, capability needs, and approaches to learning in the digital age. She designs, develops and evaluates innovative curricula and teaching approaches for the development of these capabilities, and is also engaged in teacher capacity building and university transformation projects. She is co-author of Creative Work Beyond the Creative Industries: Innovation, Employment and Education (2014) and Creative Graduate Pathways Within and Beyond the Creative Industries (2016).

Workshop details

2 – 4 pm, Wednesday 19 October

Room 514, Jane Foss Russell Building

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