EdTech News: Lecture recording and a change to how student names appear in the LMS

Web conferencing

There are some small changes to lecture recording and the LMS for semester 2.

First, if there are two screens in your lecture theatre, you can now record both of them when you are making your lecture recording. If you wish to record both screens log into the lecture booking system, select your booking, select Delivery Settings and if dual recording is available you’ll be able to select this option.

Second, any class held in a room that has its type listed as ‘seminar’ or ‘lecture’ will now be recorded by default. Information on room type is listed in the timetabling system.

In LMS news, from the beginning of next semester, students’ names displayed in the LMS will be the names they provided as ‘preferred’ in their enrolment data. So if they have provided a preferred first name that is not the same as their ‘official’ enrolled name, it will be the preferred name that is seen in the LMS; their ‘official’ name will not appear. For assessments, student ID can be used to identify students.

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