Open Door Week – now in week 8!

The Week 4 // Open Door initiative over the past three semesters allowed teachers from across the University to openly invite their colleagues to sit in on their tutorials, workshops, seminars, and other classes. This semester, Open Door is back again, but we decided to shake things up a bit and hold this University-wide event in week 8, call it Open Door Week, and open it up to more teachers. What’s in store this time, and how can you get involved?

The immersive experience was re-energising and inspiring. Thank you.

In Open Door Week, there are over 60 classes being opened across three campuses and eight faculties. Over the previous three week-long Open Door events, 92% of staff attending open doors would recommend the experience to their colleagues. Teachers across the University have picked up key learnings including chunking class time and bringing authenticity to lectures.

I really love the Open Door event – I enjoy seeing what is being done around the university and being inspired by all the amazing educators we have!

Here are some of the great tips and tricks that colleagues shared, having seen these (and more!) in action at the most recent Open Door event in semester 2, 2017:

  • Students were learning through discussion and class presentations rather than observing a series of lecture slides. Slides were presented to introduce the topic and to indicate the path forward. Very homely and warm environment for learning.”
  • It all comes down to student engagement, active participation, maintain focus and interest.”
  • “Connecting the subject material to my own personal experiences through personal anecdote – this seemed to make the lecturer more human and vulnerable, not just an expert transmitting information.”
  • Incorporating more student responses/reflection into my classes”
  • “Introducing research in the context of discipline debates/competing theories
  • ‘What questions still remain / what part are you unsure of’ lecture hand-in notes”
  • Move away from the lectern more frequently during lectures.”

And we love this one:

  • Decrease amount of content covered.

Registrations for Open Doors are live now. Get in quick as all classes have a maximum staff attendance number!

Great to take some time to sit back, reflect and learn – and to see things in action that would be relevant to try for my teaching and my classes.


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For more information as an observer, check out the FAQ. And if you can think of any creative rhymes for any week number, we’d love to hear it! Week 4 // Open Door becomes… Week 8 // Open Gate?

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