The Heilbronn Learning Factory

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Online registration is now open for University of Sydney staff to attend Professor Rolf Blumentritt’s presentation on his project, The Heilbronn Learning Factory, and discuss its outcomes and effectiveness.

Prof Blumentritt is from Heilbronn University of Applied Science in Germany and holds a Chair in the area of quality and process management and is responsible for an undergraduate Bachelor of Production and Process Management and a Masters of Technical Management degree.

The Learning Factory takes place every semester. A group of 20 to 35 students split up in to specialist teams to jointly tackle a unique project assignment. Practical skills are developed in a combined workshop and classroom environment. The objective is to develop a product idea in to a production ready process.

The learning goals and features of the Learning Factory are:

  • Learning environment is comparable to a real-world manufacturing company
  • Main goal of the Heilbronn Learning Factory is to foster practical skills, social skills, responsibility and autonomy
  • Five graded exams (team, company, and individual performance)
  • Working products are available at closing event
  • Supervision and assessing in an interdisciplinary way, typically carried out by 5 to 7 professors.

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