Measure and support engagement

Core pedagogical principle #4

What does this principle mean?

Student engagement is a complex construct, often broken down into three elements: emotional, cognitive, and behavioural. What teachers do, the relationships that students have, and what students bring into their study all affect their engagement. Educators need to proactively monitor how students are engaging in their learning and assessment activities, and implement timely and relevant supports to foster positive approaches to learning.


  • Purposively design teaching, learning, and assessment activities that can provide you with relevant information about how students are engaging.
  • Support and positively foster engagement of all students, not just ‘at risk’ groups.


  • Make time in synchronous sessions to run activities that gauge student understanding and use this to steer class time
  • Consider assigning summative marks to completion of online activities such as discussion forum posts or short mastery quizzes
  • Monitor student participation and performance to support and encourage those who need it, using a tool like SRES if appropriate