Transforming the Online and Blended Learning Experience

The transformation of the learning experience laid out in the Strategic Plan 2016-20 requires contemporary environments that enable flexible and interactive learning. At the centre of this is a “single, integrated, enterprise-level virtual learning environment that is agile and supportive of innovation”. This learning management system (LMS) will need to deliver an excellent and seamless user experience for students and staff, allow for the purchase and support of an ecosystem of meaningful teacher-led educational tools and ensure that learning data can be harnessed easily. The nature of the LMS affects every coursework student and every member of staff involved in teaching them.

As part of the University’s commitment to delivering a distinctive Sydney education and the best possible learning experience for students, the University will be actively looking at a range of LMSs over the coming months. We have recently released an open invitation for potential vendors to inform us about their platforms. The evaluation of these platforms will cover both technical and educational requirements. This will help to ensure that our learning environments are aligned to our goals of developing interactive and collaborative learning designs, and deliver a user experience that enables this. The evaluation process will be comprehensive, including academic and professional staff as well as students.

This blog will be regularly updated with news throughout this consultative process. We want to involve all sectors of the University of Sydney community and ensure that the process is transparent and collaborative. Feel free to browse the growing collection of posts about how we are transforming the online and blended learning experience, and if you have any questions please email Professor Adam Bridgeman.

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